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Lawyer for Debt Recovery in Italy: for Businesses, Professionals, and Individuals

Cibin law firm provides assistance to businesses, professionals, and individuals in recovering their debts in Italy from Italian debtors. This may include unpaid and overdue invoices, unpaid lease payments, unpaid royalties, and more.

We assist our Clients in recovering their debts in Italy starting from the pre-legal phase, which involves sending a payment reminder through a formal notice, known in legal italian as a "lettera di messa in mora" or "diffida ad adempiere".

 Utilizing alternative methods of debt resolution before resorting to legal action is crucial in the debt collection process. It is important to consider other steps that can be taken to address the issue prior to initiating legal proceedings.

The process of debt collection in Italy mainly involves two main phases:

  1. the notification phase, which serves to demand payment from the debtor for the overdue debt through the sending of a registered letter or certified email (PEC) with legal validity;
  2. the second phase, if the debtor still fails to pay, involves the Court to obtain a payment injunction from the judge, which also allows for the seizure of the debtor's assets through seizures and mortgages.

If the debtor is behind on payments, you can engage us to prepare a payment reminder letter for the overdue debt. A payment reminder sent by the law firm urges the debtor to settle the debt within a certain number of days, informing them of the amount owed and the corresponding deadlines, and warning them that failure to pay may result in the creditor resorting to legal action for the coercive recovery of the debt.

A formal notice to perform, signed by an Italian lawyer specialized in debt recovery and sent by the law firm, has a high chance of being taken into consideration by the debtor, who, in many cases, voluntarily settles the overdue debt out of fear of potential legal proceedings.

Timeline for drafting payment reminder letters in Italian: 5 business days from accepting the assignment, with delivery by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt or certified email (PEC).
Average costs for drafting a payment reminder or formal notice: € 130,00, including expenses and fees, unless there are specific complexities that will be communicated in advance.

Our law firm is based in Milan (Italy) and can provide assistance to Clients worldwide for debt recovery throughout the Italian national territory.

For any information or to request the drafting of a payment reminder letter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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